Athlete profile: Andrew Dubar

Meet Andrew Dubar…
Andrew came to me a bit over 2 years ago looking to beat his marathon time of 3:24. With some structured training and some close guidance, I’ve been lucky enough to be coaching him to a 2:58 marathon from New York in 2018.
He has an incredible story which I feel will resonate with many people out there. He works as a pilot, was a committed smoker, has a wife and kids and training running marathons. I thought he’d be a great interview so I asked him a few questions.

1. What got you into running and when did you get involved in it?

My running journey started at high school, I was fairly keen on track athletics. The 400m was my favourite distance but I didn’t continue running competitively afterward. Running throughout my 20s could only be described as the ‘casual infrequent jog’. Quitting smoking was the catalyst for where my running journey has taken me today. I quite literally stopped smoking and started running turns out both are addictive!

Andrew and I at the end of the 2019 Melbourne Marathon. He set a huge 22 minute PB in hot conditions.

2. What is your favourite distance to run and why?
Without doubt the marathon. Nothing comes close to the feeling of accomplishment you experience afterwards. It’s the culmination of months of dedication to the training schedule and your target. It’s also the special feeling you get from running in different cities with the atmosphere and crowds carrying you along the way.

3. You work as a pilot, how do you manage your training with the travel, temperature, time zone changes?
I try to be flexible with my own training schedule as time zone changes, temperature and fatigue can present challenges. For example, if in Perth I may opt to do a long run and take advantage of the earlier time zone change if possible. Or if I happen to be somewhere hot/humid I may just limit myself to easy running and change the planned workout to a different day of the week.

4. You’ve been all over the world, tell me about a few of these locations and what its like to run at these places.
Through work I’ve been lucky enough to run in some pretty amazing places around the world. Destinations which really stand out include San Francisco and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, the view is incredible looking out across the bay. Santiago is another, running along the river at sunrise with the dramatic backdrop of the snow-capped Andes.

5. What has been your most memorable run (good or bad) and why?
No question my most memorable run so far has been the 2018 NYC Marathon. It was my first Abbot World Major and I achieved a PB time. The course, crowds and atmosphere is something you just have to experience for yourself.

6. What were your running personal bests before joining with me and what are they now?
Before I started being coached by Dion my personal best was 3:24:07. Within 18 months my time had improved to 2:58:58.

7. Whats is your favourite workout and your least favourite workout and why?
My favourite workout is an easy long run with the last 30 mins completed close to/faster than Marathon race pace. This really helps to build confidence and it’s always satisfying to finish feeling strong.
My least favourite session would be a progressive 2×1200 3×800 4×400. Nothing is ever left in the tank after that one!

8. Where would your ultimate run be and why?
My ultimate run would be to do the Two Oceans Marathon, Cape Town. I’d love the challenge of tackling an ultra-marathon especially in that part of the world.

9. Finally, whats next for Andrew Dubar?
Up next in 2019 is Gold Coast in July and another Abbot World Major event with Chicago in October, goal time is sub 2:55.

Thanks for your time Andrew and wishing you all the best fortune with your preparations for the rest of 2019 and beyond.

For those who would like to follow Andrew’s Journey, you can find him on Strava and Facebook.

Andrew with his 3 beautiful girls

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